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Professeur de classe exceptionnelle en anthropobiologie

HDR, Docteur en médecine, docteur es science, diplôme EHESS, DU électromyographie

Directeur du Laboratoire AMIS

Directeur du Laboratoire International Associé « coévolution homme-milieu en Sibérie orientale »

Directeur Missions Archéologiques Françaises en Sibérie Orientale

Président du Groupe des Anthropologues de Langue Française

Research Program

My research program focuses on the interactions between genes and culture, and specifically on how data from the field of human biology sheds new light on human history, notably Holocene settlement history and the interaction man-environment. The program is based on archaeological, historical, genetic, environmental and epidemiological data. For Holocene populations, the objective is to generate settlement models, taking into account recruitment patterns of ancient samples originating from funeral sites population migrations and adaptations, and the effects of epidemics and pandemics.

To carry out this program, I coordinate teams that excavate and study funeral sites using methods from anthropobiology, paleopathology, paleogenetics and paleogenomics. Comparisons are made with contemporary populations from the same geographical areas, which are studied with similar markers.

My field sites are located in regions that are culturally and ecologically very different (Mediterranean basin, Egypt, Siberia, Arctic, Mongolia, Indian Ocean, Andes), in order to explore funeral practices, and the differential conservation of DNA and organic remains.

Valorisation of this research is achieved through the publication of review books, rank A articles and the participation in short films to reach the general public.

Sélection de 5 publications

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