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Interactions between males and females are known to be one of the driving forces in evolution. Shaping the genomes via sexual selection, sex-specific strategies vary greatly among primate species, and also among human populations due to many factors (e.g. environmental resources, social structures, cultural practices, religions, presence/absence of caste system, languages, etc.).
So far, I have focused on neutral genetic diversity to estimate sex-specific effective population size (NeF/NeM) and dispersal pattern (mF/mM) in human populations. All the results show that men and women have been distinctly (i) involved in migrations processes and (ii) affected by the emergence of new technologies (agriculture) and cultural practices (social system). But these Ne and m estimators can also be used to define the ‘theoretical’ mating system of a given population (modalities of dispersion and reproduction): in that way, they help us to make hypotheses on how sexual selection is expected to model the genetic determinants involved in males-males and males-females interactions.
Using population genetic and phylogenetic approaches, taking advantage of the large range of mating systems existing in great apes and the great diversity of cultural practices structuring human populations, my current research interests include (i) sex chromosomes evolution, (ii) studies of sex-linked genes involved in fertility and cognition, (iii) sex-dimorphism in different human populations.


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